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Originating from Nguyen Bao Bang - based in Germany with many years of experience in the field of fitness and sports, in 2012, Nguyen Bao Bang And Yoga officially entered the Vietnamese market with the establishment of the first branch. Tien Son Plaza is located at 2nd Floor Thien Son Plaza, 100 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City on the basis of inheriting the successes of Nguyen Bao Bang and promoting new values suitable for the Vietnamese market.

Nguyen Bao Bang And Yoga Center always focuses on the comfort and health of members from the overall to the details, from the design according to the spacious open space with imported equipment from leading European brands. and the US, to a detailed selection of essentials from reputable brands on the market today such as Satori, Sunsilk,...

From 2015 onwards, a series of gymnasiums of Nguyen Bao Bang with European standards were continuously launched in Ho Chi Minh City, marking a milestone for the growth and sustainable development of the Group.

With the slogan Nguyen Bao Bang, Nguyen Bao Bang wishes to bring health, standardize physique, balance and improve the quality of life for the community.

When coming to Nguyen Bao Bang, customers and members will experience the high-class services of the 5-star gym: Sauna, Magnetic Lockers, Satori Drinks, Towels, Towels, Shampoo, Machine drying, Parking… completely free.

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